4 tips for evenings outside

We’re dreaming of warm evenings over here at Gambez this week. School will be out soon and the temperature is rising, it’s time to open up the doors and spend some much needed quality time outside with family and neighborhood friends. There’s nothing quite like an inviting backyard during the summer nights—except that it can be ruined by mosquitos!  

Gambez mosquito killers make outdoors comfortable

Once you’ve set up your Inzecto mosquito control trap, consider some of these ideas to spruce up your outdoor space: 

Somebody hand me a marshmallow stick ‘cause this fire pit surrounded by adirondack chairs is the perfect place for late night stories over s’mores. 

Everything about those four perfectly imperfect light fixtures and huge green leaves paired with ginger flowers on the table make me want to spend all evening out here.

A beautiful sectional made out of wide wood planks for the base. This cement coffee table really anchors the space and is the perfect place to put your feet up and relax.

A modern take on this privacy screen looks so inviting with the string lights and plants in front of it. By adding a rug and little table, creating a cozy gathering spot.

Linger a little longer outside, thank to mosquito eliminating products from Gambez.