FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What size area is covered with one Mosquito Trap?

    • Approximately 4,500 square feet

    Where should I place the Mosquito Traps on my property?

    • The mosquito traps should be placed in well shaded areas, behind shrubbery and away from patio areas.

    How often do I need to change the refill?

    • Recommended to change the refill every 4 weeks but no longer than every 6 weeks.  Each refill has the treatment powder, replacement gauze for the floating ring, and yeast tablets.

    How does the Mosquito Trap work?

      • The Mosquito Trap uses the behavior and biology of the mosquito to eliminate existing and future generations of mosquitos. 
      • Brief mosquito biology: Mosquitoes hide during the day time in shaded landscape areas, the Aedes mosquito also lays its eggs in water and are also attracted to carbon dioxide.
      • The Mosquito Trap capitalizes on all of these behavior and biology of the Aedes mosquito, when these traps are places in shaded landscape areas, it becomes the ideal place for the female mosquito to lay its eggs in the water.  The adult mosquito will get a lethal dose of the powder and the eggs will not be able to mature into adult mosquitos.

    How long before it starts to control my mosquito problem?

    • The Ideal time to start refilling the mosquito trap is in April or May.  This will keep the mosquito population down from the start of the season and won't allow them to get out of control.
    • If you already have an existing mosquito problem, it make take 2-3 weeks before complete control can be achieved.  

    Do I need to keep refilling my mosquito traps if we don't have any more mosquitoes?

    • Mosquito season starts around April - November, depending on your location, the only time to stop refilling your mosquito traps would be during the winter months when mosquitoes no longer become an issue due to cold weather.  
    • The absence of mosquitoes lets you know the traps are working and to keep this level of control, it's recommended during these months to keep the traps maintained every 4-6 weeks.
    • The active ingredient fades out after 6 weeks and if not properly maintained, the mosquito trap could become a breeding site for mosquitoes.  This is why proper Maintence is recommended.