Inzecto Mosquito Trap - Replace every 3 months

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Groundbreaking technology, award-winning and backed by science 

INZECTO provides revolutionary, effective & eco-friendly pest control products and systems safe for humans, the environment, pets, fish, and other beneficial insects.  Our next-generation, award-winning technology was invented & developed in association with the University of Florida & co-funded by the Pentagon to protect American deployed soldiers.


To be effective in the fight against annoying and dangerous insects while preserving the environment requires expertise in multiple scientific areas. Understanding the nature and the behavioral characteristics of the target insect (how it reproduces and how it feeds), its preferences (what attracts it, where it prefers to rest, hide or reproduce), and its limitations (what are the surfaces it can climb, the spaces it can enter, the distance it can fly).  

INZECTO products are backed by Science utilizing the proper combination of pesticides to eliminate the insect, the proven materials to repel it, and the chemistry and material science to deliver active chemicals (pesticides or repellants) safely and with a long-lasting effect. 

How We Apply Science with Our Patented Mosquito Trap

The INZECTO Mosquito Trap utilizes a combination of red and black, the two colors proven to attract the most female mosquitoes. The food source inside of the trap of leaf crumbles provides an additional attractant for female mosquitoes to breed. The scent of the food source helps to mask any smell of chlorine in the water present which could repel the female mosquito.

The patented shape provides the perfect surface for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. The “Ribs”, parallel to each other with a slight incline to the ground, provide for a gentle angle to land regardless of the level of the water in the trap and also reduce potential airflow inside of the trap, providing maximum stillness of water which mosquitoes find ideal.

The trap's unique pyramid-like shape was designed for stability and to reduce water evaporation. The trap was engineered to be easily installed on flat surfaces and as well as tree branches. Its size and capacity to hold water are perfect for minimal maintenance and long-term effectiveness.